Sustainability behind Bobo Choses collections

Sustainability behind Bobo Choses collections

At a time when environmental protection is no longer an option, but rather the key to our future, sharing this commitment with our children becomes an obligation. At Bobo Choses, as much as we love to create new exciting worlds for both kids and grown-ups, we would like to make the world a better place to live in.

We work constantly to achieve a sustainable production of our collections, but at the same time we believe in the power that kids have to understand, act and transform, even more than adults. The protection of the environment is a responsibility, but we can protect it while we have fun.

This is our vision at Bobo Choses: to educate and engage kids is fun. Each collection we create is a commitment that inspires kids and adults to improve the world in which we live. Kids are the ambassadors of this commitment.

We want to be responsible for our social and environmental footprint and we strive to create products that are kind to our environment. Although producing goods will always have an impact, our challenge is to try and make it minimal.

We are working to replace conventional materials with sustainable ones that have a lower impact on both nature and human health, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. We also love to work hand in hand with our local suppliers and our Code of Conduct helps us share our mutual responsibility for fair labour and a safe working environment.

80% of We Cosmos Production was made locally (80% Spain, 10% Portugal and 10% Others).

49.5% of AW19 Cotton Yarn is Organic *GOTS certified.

70% of the cotton used in AW19 Baby collection is Organic Cotton Yarn *GOTS certified.

100% of our outerwear garments have an ecological water-repellent impregnation by BIONIC FINISH ECO.

100% of our cups are made of Carbon Steel Plate.

100% of our Polybags are biodegradables.

Bobo Choses is conscious of the importance of the environment and health problems due to the chemicals in textile industry, for that reason we work with OEKOTEX certified suppliers in dye and print process, to assure the non possible harmful substances in our garments.