Neverending summer.

Spring Summer 2018 collection & Petit book

Available now

Neverending summer. 

Spring Summer 2018 collection & Petit book

Available January 18

As a child, Jane Goodall was gifted with a chimpanzee cuddly toy. It was named Jubilee. Her love for it was the beginning of her love for animals.

At age four, curious Jane wondered where did eggs come from. She and Jubilee snuck into the henhouse and hid all day long until they observed the miracle.

She grew up and her curiosity led her to Gombe, Africa, where she spent her life watching and learning about chimpanzees.

Our Spring Summer 2018 collection Neverending Summer is inspired by Goodall’s life and the never-ending curiosity of children who love to ask questions.

How many questions can you fit into a neverending summer’s day?

Neverending Summer Petit Book

Early in the morning, Jane climbs up her tree and explores the world. Do the clouds have the shape of things, or do things have the shape of the clouds? Where does the sun go to sleep when it gets dark? Who winds up the grasshopper when his song finishes? Is the butterfly a flower that’s learned to fly? Does the mountain remember the last day of its childhood?  How many questions can you fit into a neverending summer’s day?

Do you want to read more and get to know the story behind SS18 collection? Our petit book Neverending Summer tells the story of how little Jane Morris Goodall spent the days wondering about the world around her. An illustrated children book for parents to read with their kids.

Neverending Summer, SS18 collection by Bobo Chosesavailable here