Hello Sant Jordi!


April 23rd is Saint Jordi’s day. It is a very special day in Catalonia. The central elements of the celebration are culture and love, represented by the book and the rose. Our city streets are filled with people, book stalls and florists!

We want to celebrate it with you. From 23 to 28 April, the To Make a Garden book as well as all of our collectable illustrated books will be 5% off.

Check them out!

Happy Sant Jordi. Have fun!

To Make a Garden

Picture a family that travels around the world planting gardens to make the bees happy. They look on the map for the cities with no green and they go there. Pots, roadsides, hats that people have left behind: any place is good for a garden…

Dear World

Little Jacques Cousteau gives his ideas on how to love and care for the sea. 

Neverending Summer

This is the story of how little Jane Morris Goodall spent the days wondering about the world around her. 

A Legend

The book tells the stories of sportsmen like Dick Fosbury, Gino Bartali, Moses Tanui and many others who shined with a different and special light of their own

The Whole World in an Artist Palette

Learn how colours and our marvelous world relate to each other!


Le Grand Lebo’s school of magic
Magician Le grand Lebo teaches you all of his silly magic tricks. Astonish your entire audience with our Autumn-Winter 16/17 illustrated tale for parents to read with their children.

Monster Table Manners

Learn the monster table manners with the clumsy, shy and friendly monsters from Bobo Choses SS15 collection. An illustrated poem for parents to read with their children!